• Our £1400 package which is up to 8x more affordable than our Competitors is suited towards Clients who are willing to wait slightly longer to receive their set of Clear Aligners. Please note that our definition of longer is vastly different from our competitors at just 5 weeks (which is still on average a 45% faster turnaround time than our competitors). We know it sounds too good to be true - at Brace Yourself, this is something we are used to. Our vision when we set up this company was to assure you quality, affordability and efficiency and despite this being our budget package, every set of Aligners we produce has these principles in mind. This package however, comes with no aftercare from any of our Registered Providers. Therefore, you will receive no Teeth Whitening, Attachments, Composite Bonding or Interproximal Reduction.
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£2000/ Monthly

  • Our Standard package takes the budget package and improves it from good to great. Rather than waiting 6 weeks for your aligners, we will halve this time meaning you will receive your set of Invisible Aligners within the month. Further to this, you have the assurance of working with one of our Registered Providers which allows you to receive Interproximal Reduction and Attachments to the teeth. These slight but important modifications allow for your teeth to look better at the end of the treatment and can cut the amount of time your treatment takes by up to 50%.
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  • Our Premium Package is the top-of-the-line offering for customers who want ease, technology and perfection guaranteed with their set of Aligners. With our premium package we assure you that your Aligners will be received within 3 days of receiving your scans. Furthermore, you will receive Attachments to quicken the total treatment time, Interproximal Reduction to allow more movement amongst the teeth and lastly, Teeth Whitening and Composite Bonding to truly perfect your smile. With all of the additional services being provided to you for less cost than our competitors who only provide you with a set of Aligners, the choice for Invisible Aligners has never been clearer.
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