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Our aligner trays use leading Zendura® FLX technology to provide a more resilient solution. Providing better, safer tooth movement.

  •  Providing a better tooth movement mechanism ensures optimum results, whilst protecting your underlying bone structure’s health
  •  OdourBlock™ materials in our aligners stop bad breath, a common issue of other clear aligner systems
  •  Dental attachments fitted to your teeth help to pull your teeth gradually, only available with dentist-based services
  •    architecture ensures no harm to your gums and teeth, avoiding bleeding and bruising

Unlike Brace yourself, the direct to consumer online aligners that you purchase on the internet and get posted direct to your home address, aren’t approved or delivered by qualified dentists, meaning you have no assurances that your teeth straightening treatment will be safe or done correctly.

Also, the aligners you get shipped to your doorstep without a dentist fitting them in your mouth do not have the specialised mechanics (also known as attachments) that dentists can use with Brace yourself aligners, meaning a less effective and sometimes un-safe tooth movement.

The materials these cheaper online direct to your doorstep aligners use don’t undergo the same testing dentist approved and delivered aligners like Brace yourself do, which means the cheaper aligners often result in damage to the teeth and irritation to the gums.

Brace yourself is one of very few approved clear aligner systems used by leading cosmetic dentists across the UK to give you a guaranteed straighter smile, done right, with professional grade technology & materials.

At Brace yourself, we offer a straighter smile guarantee, which we’ve made super simple.

With our clear aligner system, we guarantee you’ll get straight teeth, and we’ll make sure they stay that way for years to come.

If your teeth don’t get straight, we’ll refund you in full, so there’s no risk on your side.

Includes local dentist appointments (typically 3 – 1 to check your teeth and scans and create your SmileCheck video simulation plan, 1 to fit your attachments and first set of aligners, and 1 to remove your attachments & deliver your SmileLock retainers)

Easy online ordering process, with pay in full or pay monthly with Klarna

Your order covers you for everything you need for your guaranteed straighter, whiter smile.

We’ll also throw in:

  •  Dental grade whitening package (RRP £395)
  •  Deeper white & gentle care toothpaste (RRP £20)
  •  Top up syringe kit worth (RRP £150)
  •  SmileLock retainers worth £300

FDA approved, fully safe products which treat your teeth without causing damage.

What good is a straight smile that becomes crooked again within months?

With our teeth straightening service, we’ll throw in 3 sets of SmileLock retainers to ensure your teeth stay straight for years to come.

Not only will you receive a deeper white whitening toothpaste to keep your smile shining, but you’ll also get a top-up syringe kit worth £150 to touch up your smile as and when you feel necessary.

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Here’s how it works:

Your online order covers you for everything you need for your guaranteed whiter smile (no hidden costs)

1. Purchase Your Clear Aligners

2. Call with Brace yourself Concierge

3. Local Dentist Check-up & 3D Aligner Scan

4. Have your aligners fitted & pick up full kit

5. Regular check-ins with your SmileWhite Clinician until your teeth are straight

Working with leading cosmetic dentists across the world to redefine at-home teeth whitening

Online whitening kits only last up to 3-4 weeks before you need to use it again. This becomes costly. Our kit is developed by dentists with results lasting up to 3 years.

Our FreshGel™ whitening formula is the highest viscosity whitening gel on the market, meaning it will stay in your whitening trays longer, and whiten your teeth quicker.

Your online order includes a FREE visit to your local Brace yourself dentist to ensure you have everything you need to whiten your smile with confidence at home.

SuperFit™ Whitening Trays

When it comes to whitening teeth it's no secret the quality and fit of the whitening trays are essential to the treatment outcome.
At Brace yourself we have worked with the worlds leading dental labs, studying & developing different whitening tray manufacture techniques.
Our research has lead us to our unique SuperFit™ whitening tray Which uses cutting edge laser technology to ensure your whitening trays not only fit around your teeth like a glove, but last for years to come.

Say goodbye to bulky whitening machines. Hello to a discreet whitening solution.


I keep having to re-use my blue light whitening machines every few weeks. Will I have the same with your whitening kit?

No. Our pro whitening kit will give results that last up to 3 years unlike the blue light machines that only last up to 3-4 weeks before re-use.

Our clear, discreet whitening trays also mean you can whiten anywhere, anytime without the need for those bulky machines.

How is Brace yourself so effective at whitening teeth?

Our FreshGel 16% carbamide peroxide syringes are made from the freshest active ingredients to whiten your teeth and provide you with great results that last. Your bespoke SuperFit teeth whitening trays are custom made for your teeth only which means they can effectively keep the gel in its position over your tooth surface to whiten effectively.

Will my teeth become sensitive?

Sensitivity is a normal part of the professional teeth whitening process as during the first few days of teeth whitening the stains within the tooth are broken down making the tooth a little more exposed than normal. This quickly dies down after the first few days of teeth whitening and the sensitivity subsides. Brace yourself contains desensitisers to reduce the sensitivity even more!

We also provide you with our revolutionary sensitivity toothpaste. Gentle Care.

I’ve tried non-professional blue light teeth whitening before and it didn’t work, why will smile white be different?

The reason why non-professional teeth whitening doesn’t work is because the concentration of gel that’s used is extremely low (0.16%) whereas professional products like Brace yourself are 100x more concentrated (16%) meaning the gel can powerfully break down staining and whiten the tooth from the inside – that’s why the results with professional products like Brace yourself are a lot more noticeable.

How long will my results last?

With Brace yourself Plus, you will receive 2 free top up kits as part of your professional teeth whitening treatment that can be used 12 months after your initial treatment as well as 12 months after your first top up kit. This way your teeth will stay white for at least 3 years. After the 3-year period you will be able to purchase top up kits to maintain your smile for a lifetime by whitening for a few nights every 12 months.

What if I need some fillings or other general dental treatment before my pro whitening treatment?

If you need general dental treatment like an extraction or a filling before your Brace yourself pro whitening treatment your Brace yourself dentist will be able to help. They will assess your teeth and put together a simple treatment plan to ensure your teeth are healthy before your pro teeth whitening. You will also have your Brace yourself dentist as your dentist for life and so you will benefit from not having to sign up at another clinic.



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